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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 31

I took Daniel to Flushing for the Asian Lunar New Year Parade 2009. I was excited to show him the firecrackers and the dragon dancers. Oddly Daniel wasn't impressed by any of it

It seems Daniel had more fun riding the trains. He flirted with people, looked out the windows and even got to sit in a seat for a little while.

I bought these puzzle pieces while in Flushing. Daniel loves waving them around
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Babies at Work Pilot Programs

I really hope that programs like this one become more common. You should not have to sacrifice and be forced to make a choice in between your work or family.

Babies-at-Work Pilot Programs

The Parenting in the Workplace Institute is currently launching an initiative to set up pilot baby programs in organizations. The program is free to participating businesses. According to Babies in the Workplace, the program has proved successful for every organization that has taken it on, including law firms, credit unions, government agencies, and management consulting firms.

Businesses that sign up for the program will receive the following resources free of charge: a detailed baby program policy and legal waiver forms for participants; free copies of their books about babies-at-work programs; template documents for disseminating information about the program to personnel; and assistance in promoting the program to the public and the media.

The first several mothers to participate in each company's pilot will receive a high-end lactation program provided by LifeCare.

To find out more, please visit or contact Carla Moquin of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute at (801) 897-8702 or
Friday, January 23, 2009

Understanding Unsolicited Advice

Today we visited my old office and co-workers. They were more excited to see Daniel then to see me. In true co-mothers and co-fathers style they played with Daniel while nagging me.

Daniel with YoungMi (korean), who felt Daniel shouldn't be carried in the back position because it's not good for him. He needs to be in the front so I can comfort and protect him. Plus point: She felt he has sexy lips. She didn't say "black" lips but I knew she meant that. LOL

Daniel with Thomas (korean), who asked me why I dress Daniel like a big boy...with shoes and all. Then he wanted to know if Daniel can walk and proceeded to try and see. Plus point: Offered the use of the Hanbok again for when Daniel turns 1 year.

Daniel with Sue (chinese), who felt Daniel might be cold and needed to rest instead of running around town with me. Plus point: Said Daniel looks more like me now and loves his bright shiny eyes...and of course his hair (which is still wavy ).

I spent most my time defending and explaining why this and why that. But I've learned to take all the co-paranting in stride with a smile. I use to wonder why people can't see that I'm a good mom and stop giving advice. I secretly worried that they saw some deficiency in me I couldn't see.

But I came to understand that really they just care and want to help. Plus no matter if I had a baby or not my Asian friends will always give input on something.  It's their culture...sorta like how west indians and most "black" cultures always want to feed people.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama : Black Man Only or Multi-Racial Icon?

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 19

Daniel loves the sound his hands makes when he hits the floor. So he semi crawls off so he can touch it. The problem is now his started trying to " taste test" the floor 

To prevent his floor eating habit I gave him a box to play with.  Worked pretty well. I'd put stuff in and he'd take stuff out.

Speaking of eating..Daniel decided that Aunti Addy was taking to long to eat her pot pie

So he volunteered to help her eat it and took a fist full.

After sharing a meal Daniel took a trip with Aunti Addy. It was snowing a little bit but Daniel travels well. 

Learning to give baby space

So today I made another baby step away from being an overprotective don't know about the other steps cause I haven't blogged them yet...My sister Addy has tried to take Daniel with her on trips every since he was born.  I always told her I'm not the "take my baby please" type of mom like my other sister Gabby.  My niece was left with Gabby's friends and different family members whenever my sister felt like it. I'm not like that one bit.  

I've been with Daniel from day one. I never let Daniel travel without me no matter what.  There has been a few times, when I was going thru the HRA back to work programs, he's had to travel with Gabby cause she was babysitting him but I called her all day  and made sure she brought him home ASAP.

My sis finally gets to take Daniel out with her

But today when Addy asked to take him with her while visiting Essense ( her friend who's son is also Daniel's age) I took a deep breath and said OK.  It took a moment for her to realize I said yes and she kept asking...really?, really? LOL

I decided to trust my instinct as a mother that Daniel can start having time away from me again. Also I know Essence and her son Darryl so I know he'll be relatively safe.  So, I allowed my sister to take charge of Daniel.  I kept my fussing under control as she took out his clothes and got him ready. I think she was a bit nervous about making sure I felt he was warm enough cause she over dressed him a bit. LOL.  I packed the diaper bag, added some food and bottles for later and then stepped back...sorta. I did follow them to the bus stop but only because it was snowing.  My sister used the Snuggle to carry Daniel in but still I wanted to be there  in case...this is her first time ya know.

Later I called Addy to check in...give me some credit, I held off as long as I could...and received a favorable report. Daniel eat his food, drank both his bottles, gave her a poop present and fell asleep. He was fussing a little bit but I'm confident Addy will figure it out.

Now what did I do with all my free time you ask? Duh, I blogged...while waiting for my son's return :)
Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 18

Daniel really likes spending time with Uncle Adam.  They chilled out while watching the football game.  Boys will be boys.
Saturday, January 17, 2009

For the Love of Fruit

So this morning I noticed that Daniel's eyes are a bit puffy and he had little red blotches on his face.  I knew right away that he had an allergic reaction to the fruit I feed him yesterday. The fruit was a mixture of peaches, oatmeal and bananas (with apple juice as a blender).

Pete (Daniel's Dad) is allergic to apples, peaches and some other types of fruit.  I'm not allergic to any fruit.  I hoped that Daniel would take after me but wasn't I exposed him to little taste test of fruit here and there to see.  For the most part he was ok...well except that he hated peaches for some reason. *shrug*

Anyway, I think while a little amount of single fruit is fine having something with mixed fruit in it caused a strong reaction.  I remember that Pete said eating fruit would cause him to have breathing problems also, so after seeing Daniel I immediately threw out the remaining jars of fruit and vowed to stick to veggies until he's older and I can figure out if he's allergic to all fruits or just certain ones.

I didn't want to call his ped cause she would probably recommend Benadryl and I didn't want to medicate him if it wasn't serious. I watched Daniel for the rest of the day to see if he was going to get worse but by afternoon his face cleared up and by nightime his eyes were less puffy. I feel bad he won't be able to enjoy some fruit.

Daniel 365 : Day 17

I don't think young babies should watch TV but my mother felt Daniel needed to learn about Sesame Street. My mother is a big TV/ movie watcher and already introduced Daniel while babysitting so it was a lost fight anyway. Oddly enough he's very interested in Elmo...could be the high pitched voice and all that movement.

Today Elmo was teaching kids how to use a camera and was taking photos of Big Bird. It was funny cause I was taking photos of Daniel learning to take photos.
Friday, January 16, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 16

Daniel still breast feeds and I'm glad.

It's our special moment to enjoy being with each other. We look into each others eyes and smile.
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 15

Seems Daniel is getting the hang of the sitting up thing. He's been working on it for a while but usually falls over...

...because he always sees something he wants to play with or a place he wants to go...he's very easily distracted

But tonight he sat up straight and stayed that way for a while. He is growing more everyday.
Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 11

Uncle Pete came for a visit...after a lovers fight with his girlfriend...and of course he spent most of his visit playing with Daniel.

Uncle Pete checked Daniel for all sorts of things to make sure he was growing well (It's a guyanese thing). Then Uncle Pete gave his extensive advice on what mommy can do better. 
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes boobies win

So for the morning nap I decided to carryover the night "cry it out" training into daytime. When I saw Daniel getting sleepy I moved him into the bedroom where it's quiet and the light are subdued. I started to nurse him and when I noticed he starting to nod off I shifted him into the playard. I sat next to him on the bed and waited for the crying to start. Well he just layed there for a few seconds, smiled at me and then started rolling all over the playard.


OK, so a little activity isn't bad if he needs it to go to sleep right? Well after about 10 minutes I noticed this activity wasn't getting him any closer to sleep...if anything I was the one getting sleepy. So I picked him up and started a second round of nursing. This time I just let him fall asleep fully before I put him back in the playard. I have too many things to try and do today to wait the 45 minutes for him to sleep when I can knock him out in 10 minutes with boobie. I guess we're back to only night time "crying it out" training for now.

Confession : Cracker Bribe

This morning I gave Daniel ritz cracker's so he will leave me and I can get some "internet" work done. While I know he needs to learn to have his own "me" time I feel sorta bad that I bribed started with 1 ritz and when it was all over he had eaten 4 ritzs. For his part he was happy to get special treats.
Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm having bottle issues

So one of the new ways I want Daniel to start being independent is by holding his own bottle during a feeding.  This morning I figured was a perfect time to start...I mean he's held his bottle alone on and off so I know he knows how. Well whatdayaknow...he held it alright...for a few secs then he starts a game of in and out.  He puts the bottle in his mouth and then takes it out to look at it...then in again...then out again to look at it...then in again...*sigh*

Now if this is the way he wants to eat...whatever...except that every now and then he loses hold of the bottle and then starts know that not really crying type of cry.  After a few round of this I start to get frustrated because this is taking more time then if I would just feed him myself.  I take a deep breathe and hand him the bottle for the umpteen time so he can start the in and out game yet again. I try to remember this is all part of building his independence...and besides that bottle will only last so long during each feeding.
Friday, January 2, 2009

Daniel 365 : Day 2