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Saturday, January 17, 2009

For the Love of Fruit

So this morning I noticed that Daniel's eyes are a bit puffy and he had little red blotches on his face.  I knew right away that he had an allergic reaction to the fruit I feed him yesterday. The fruit was a mixture of peaches, oatmeal and bananas (with apple juice as a blender).

Pete (Daniel's Dad) is allergic to apples, peaches and some other types of fruit.  I'm not allergic to any fruit.  I hoped that Daniel would take after me but wasn't I exposed him to little taste test of fruit here and there to see.  For the most part he was ok...well except that he hated peaches for some reason. *shrug*

Anyway, I think while a little amount of single fruit is fine having something with mixed fruit in it caused a strong reaction.  I remember that Pete said eating fruit would cause him to have breathing problems also, so after seeing Daniel I immediately threw out the remaining jars of fruit and vowed to stick to veggies until he's older and I can figure out if he's allergic to all fruits or just certain ones.

I didn't want to call his ped cause she would probably recommend Benadryl and I didn't want to medicate him if it wasn't serious. I watched Daniel for the rest of the day to see if he was going to get worse but by afternoon his face cleared up and by nightime his eyes were less puffy. I feel bad he won't be able to enjoy some fruit.