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Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning to give baby space

So today I made another baby step away from being an overprotective don't know about the other steps cause I haven't blogged them yet...My sister Addy has tried to take Daniel with her on trips every since he was born.  I always told her I'm not the "take my baby please" type of mom like my other sister Gabby.  My niece was left with Gabby's friends and different family members whenever my sister felt like it. I'm not like that one bit.  

I've been with Daniel from day one. I never let Daniel travel without me no matter what.  There has been a few times, when I was going thru the HRA back to work programs, he's had to travel with Gabby cause she was babysitting him but I called her all day  and made sure she brought him home ASAP.

My sis finally gets to take Daniel out with her

But today when Addy asked to take him with her while visiting Essense ( her friend who's son is also Daniel's age) I took a deep breath and said OK.  It took a moment for her to realize I said yes and she kept asking...really?, really? LOL

I decided to trust my instinct as a mother that Daniel can start having time away from me again. Also I know Essence and her son Darryl so I know he'll be relatively safe.  So, I allowed my sister to take charge of Daniel.  I kept my fussing under control as she took out his clothes and got him ready. I think she was a bit nervous about making sure I felt he was warm enough cause she over dressed him a bit. LOL.  I packed the diaper bag, added some food and bottles for later and then stepped back...sorta. I did follow them to the bus stop but only because it was snowing.  My sister used the Snuggle to carry Daniel in but still I wanted to be there  in case...this is her first time ya know.

Later I called Addy to check in...give me some credit, I held off as long as I could...and received a favorable report. Daniel eat his food, drank both his bottles, gave her a poop present and fell asleep. He was fussing a little bit but I'm confident Addy will figure it out.

Now what did I do with all my free time you ask? Duh, I blogged...while waiting for my son's return :)