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Saturday, May 9, 2009

How Hard is Buying a Stroller?

After doing some online research I went back to Target and bought the Cosco Umbria Stroller with Canopy based on price and the fancy description on the box. I can't understand why Target didn't have a display model for me to try out. Since the local target is just a 10 min bus ride I figured I can bring home, try it out and then decide to keep or return. The verdict?

What a disappointment that stroller turnout out to be. As I set it up I my first thought was...Daniel can't fit in this! The seating area was way to short for my son's chunky tush and legs. What will happen in a few months when he goes thru another growth spurt? He'll be standing! I dunno what child they think will fit in there! So I packed it back up and put it aside to be returned. Not happy that I have to go back stroller shopping

Today I went back to Target, returned the stroller and promptly went over to Babies R Us. I did a quick check thru to see if anything has changed or gone on sale. I took another look at the umbrella strollers but still didn't like them. My son is a solid baby and needs support not just canvas wrapped on a frame. So I finally decided to buy the Especially for Kids TrendSport Stroller I was eyeing the day before.

After a quick check over everything one last time, I sped thru check out and was on the way back home excited to test it out. Once home my testing stage started with having to put the stroller together...sorta. But again a quick and easy setup to attached wheels, stroller tray and canopy and it was ready. Snapping Daniel into the stroller worked simple enough with no immediate issues or tantrums.

So we headed off to the supermarket where we squeezed into narrow isles, made sharp turns to avoid shopping carts, used the basket to hold a variety of food goodies and finally after check out we exited thru the bars. Side note about other stroller was to big to fit and I would always have to tip the stroller back so I could wheel it under and thru. Not something enjoyable when you have a stroller full of grociews. Not anymore...this stroller was the right width to just roll through. Woot, woot!

As Daniel and I did the smooth and easy return stroll back home, we were both pleased...him with more room to wiggle around as he took in the with finding something within my budget that is lighweight and portable but still sturdy enough to survive the brooklyn streets.


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