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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My First Twitter Mommy Playdate

As most people know, I love meeting new people and use the internet to feed my social stalking needs.  One of my recent social networking led me to Carol or as she's known on the web NYCityMama. We soon became fast friends since we're both moms to biracial sons. But our passion for running around the city seeing sights and tasting testing foods so we can blog about it later...that is what has really bonded us.  

One day while tweeting about a mom meetup I was trying to organize Carol mentioned she wanted to be part of the mommy meetup also. After a quick round of DM's and a promise of Dominican lunch when we visit... Carol and I had plans for a playdate.

The day started cloudy with rain storms due in the afternoon. Ugh. Then Daniel started acting up when it came time to get dressed. Which of course made us run late. Since we had to go all the way uptown timing was a problem. Ugh. But I was determined to see Carol and family. I wasn't going to miss my first twitter mommy meetup! 

When we finally arrived we were warmly greeted by Carol and her youngest son like we were family coming over and not total internet strangers. Carol even helped me carry my super heavy stroller up the stair since the building doesn't have an elevator. Once up stairs Daniel and I quickly made ourselves very comfortable in Carols home. Carol and her boys...who were very excited to see baby...took turns holding and playing with Daniel while I found the nearest coach to lounge on.  

It's like we've known them for years. The boys shared their toys with Daniel and made sure to play nice with him.  They even posed to take photos with Daniel whenever I took the camera out. LOL. These boys are not only handsome but also funny! They kept speaking to me in Spanglish. Which confused me until I figured it out. I was like hey! those are Spanish words. LOL

Soon it was time to eat! On the way to the Dominican restaurant we laughed and talked like old friends. Inside Carol was amazing. I don't know how she kept up our conversations while dishing out food for everyone, answering questions from one son and catching food her other decided to spit out. LOL.  BTW, the Dominican food was yummy.  Even Daniel enjoyed eating a little of everything.

On the way back the boys, riding side by side in the strollers, kept talking to each other and so did the moms. Carol is not afraid to talk about any topic silly or serious.  We covered racial preduices within our families, within the mommy community and within ourselves.  Even though we're from different racial backgrounds our concerns as mothers and as minority women are the same.  It was cool to talk to someone who could understand the things I worry about. 

But better then all that...Carol introduced me to TweetDeck to help me manage my tweets better as I enlarge my social twitter domain.  * content sigh about meeting another techie*  Soon we had to go travel back to brooklyn so we said our goodbyes, gave kisses and promise to have another playdate soon!


NYCity Mama says:
at: April 3, 2009 at 3:03 PM said...

Aw! I looooved meeting you guys! What a beautiful family, and what a wonderful new friend : ) Can't wait to meet up again!

Lisa says:
at: April 10, 2009 at 3:58 AM said...

Hello new friend!!

I just read this post and I'm so jealous right I can't wait for our next meeting. I am really happy I have found new friends.

Talk and see you soon! :)

Migdalia says:
at: April 11, 2009 at 1:40 PM said...

I totally agree with Lisa and i haven't even met any of you! Looks like you had such a nice time at this date and the Spot a Mom event!

Quiskaeya says:
at: April 12, 2009 at 11:32 AM said...

Totally cool! Sounds like a wonderful time. :)