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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MomDot Brag about Your Blog Day

Today on twitter MomDot invite everyone to brag about our blogs. Well of course I had to surf over. It's true I have not updated this blog recently but I still have lots to brag about. I'm amazed anyone still vists here and leaves me comments. 

But I have to say, it's a great feeling to know something as simple as this blog and my kooky thoughts can have such a powerful effect on other people. That was what I wrote about during my 5 seconds of fame. I re-posted my comment below.

I love SO many things about my blogs Blasian Baby Notes and Daniels 365

First I love that their mini memory book for the events in my son’s life. Children grow so much in the first year of their life that you can’t keep up with everything…unless you have a blog.

Second, I love that visitors to my blogs form a community in some many different ways. I never thought having a biracial child would be the main connection with me and so many moms and dads. Since my son is black and asian = blasian, I have an automatic connection to those two communities. But I’m also connected to any person black, asian, white, hispanic, etc that loves children and cares about the issues that affect them.

Lastly, thru my blogs I become a voice… an activist… a face for black mothers who date, marry and raise families that step outside the mainstream norm of what is expected of us.

Viva la difference!