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Friday, May 27, 2011

Excuse me for being selfish

So let me just come right out and confess. I've been holding back information from you. That's right I confess! Recently a friend asked me where have I been and what I've been up to. I replied I've been running around with Daniel having fun and not telling anyone. I've been keeping all this fun having to myself. No blog post, no photo sharing, no tweets. Why the lock down on our activities?
I dont want to share
Honestly it became to hard to share here like I use to. It seemed all my posts became a battling ground for trolls. I spent more time dealing with negative and ignorant comments then I needed to. It was tiring to see the same old arguments and complainants about how I'm raising my son racial. No matter how much I explained or shared it was still an issue for some people. They just couldn't let things go or just move pass a point. I didn't want to keep posting and dealing with all that so I stop.

But also I needed to step back and take some time to deal with some personal things that came up.

For one, Daniel started early intervention after he was evaluated with a speech delay. From there I've been dealing with juggling speech therapist, working full time and finding different ways to encourage him to talk more. While it may sound simple it's been anything but.

I've had to fight for him to get full services instead of the half they try to push on me, I had to fight with lackluster therapy sessions who thought missing an appointment and not following up was ok. And now I'm fighting to make sure when he ages out of EI everything he needed done has been before we explore regular preschool or a specialized preschool

I also had to deal with my feeling about his speech delay. I worried there was something I missed when he was growing up. Did I do or not do something?! But from what I've heard after talking to other parents is a speech delay is common. It's also believed that boys tend to develop late in many areas *sigh*

Now my son is doing much better and I'm making peace with him not speaking like other 3 years old's. Now I'm at a place to deal with any comments that come my way if and when I post anything about his speech delay.

So now back to the business of sharing and ranting as usual :)

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