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Friday, May 27, 2011

Excuse me for being selfish

So let me just come right out and confess. I've been holding back information from you. That's right I confess! Recently a friend asked me where have I been and what I've been up to. I replied I've been running around with Daniel having fun and not telling anyone. I've been keeping all this fun having to myself. No blog post, no photo sharing, no tweets. Why the lock down on our activities?
I dont want to share
Honestly it became to hard to share here like I use to. It seemed all my posts became a battling ground for trolls. I spent more time dealing with negative and ignorant comments then I needed to. It was tiring to see the same old arguments and complainants about how I'm raising my son racial. No matter how much I explained or shared it was still an issue for some people. They just couldn't let things go or just move pass a point. I didn't want to keep posting and dealing with all that so I stop.

But also I needed to step back and take some time to deal with some personal things that came up.

For one, Daniel started early intervention after he was evaluated with a speech delay. From there I've been dealing with juggling speech therapist, working full time and finding different ways to encourage him to talk more. While it may sound simple it's been anything but.

I've had to fight for him to get full services instead of the half they try to push on me, I had to fight with lackluster therapy sessions who thought missing an appointment and not following up was ok. And now I'm fighting to make sure when he ages out of EI everything he needed done has been before we explore regular preschool or a specialized preschool

I also had to deal with my feeling about his speech delay. I worried there was something I missed when he was growing up. Did I do or not do something?! But from what I've heard after talking to other parents is a speech delay is common. It's also believed that boys tend to develop late in many areas *sigh*

Now my son is doing much better and I'm making peace with him not speaking like other 3 years old's. Now I'm at a place to deal with any comments that come my way if and when I post anything about his speech delay.

So now back to the business of sharing and ranting as usual :)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I don't need a "child free" break

My family complains that I always want to spend time with my son. Like this is a bad thing? They don't seem to understand why I'm not interested in leaving him with them so I can get some time to myself. It's to the point that when he goes for a visit they sorta kidnap him. One visit turns into a 3 day sleepover.
mom and son on steps
Last night I had to insist on picking him up so he can sleep at home with me. But tonight I'm childless because they insisted on keeping him. They like to mention that it's ok to take a break. Everyone likes to point this out to me.

But no one asked me if I wanted a break. If they did then they'd know, I don't need or want a break. I'm happy spending all my time with my son. This is my life and I chose it so let me enjoy what I can before he becomes to grown to hang with his mom

Tonight I went to do my son's laundry because sitting in a quiet apt all lone sucks. I figured better to be productive and use my time wisely but looking at his clothes just hanging there made me sad. Like most things, this is something we do together.

My son being away from me stresses and worries me more then anything. My family means well but I have to remind them to brush his teeth, feed him more then cookies and ice cream, and not to keep him up till 1am in the morning. Ugh.

Lately, I've been thinking about how to move out of state and disappear. We'd find a nice area where it's not very expensive and I can either work part time or work from home. Then I can spend all the time I want with my son. Break free.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Daniel's 1st Toddler Vlog

While making my vlogs my son decided he wanted in on the action. Clearly he's not shy.
This is his 1st toddler vlog. I'm thinking of giving him his own weekly vloging moment.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Toddler Laundry 101 - Wordless Wednesday

toddler doing laundry

My son loves to help and I let do as much as he can. Even doing laundry is fun for him. I hope his future wife appreciates a man who know's how to do his own laundry

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where are Superheroes who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc

Lets just go straight to the ugly truth shall we?  There is a great lack of superheroes of color in any major movie coming out this summer.  Over in my other life as a media blogger where I get invite to preview things before being released to the public, I've been biting my tongue on this issue. 

But lets be real, in any movie there's always a lack of people of color. 

I wont even comment on how any Asian in movies seem to be Chinese and foreign born. Nope wont comment. Wont comment about the lack of native, east or any other type of Indians either.  But lets get back to my main point of this blog, where are superheroes who are black, Asian, Hispanic, etc?!

Superheroes The Rock

Now being a semi comic book fanatic, I KNOW there are superheroes of color, heck I bet there's even some biracial ones. Did you know the apple of my eye Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could have played a superhero?  In 2007 in the Shazam movie, the Black Adam character is rumored to be played by "The Rock".  You know that would have been the first blasian superhero (that I know of) for this community. Wonder what ever happened to that plan....

So why aren't superheroes of color getting any shine? I read recently in a ColorLine article "Comics Industry Rep Accidentally Shows How Pop Culture Stays White" about an idea for an all-black lineup for an Avengers series that was nixed because someone felt "there weren’t enough black superhero characters who’d be suited for such a team" *sucks my teeth*

But of course there's enough white people for the two super hero movies coming out this summer right? Matter of fact there's so many white people that they can even take over movie that white actors dont belong in like AKIRA. *sucks my teeth*

Superheroes Black

What is going on here? Well, it about who's in control to make these decision and movies but their power only goes so far. If you know where to look you can find websites like Black Superhero Fan who highlights Black Superheroes and Black Comics news.

There's also The Museum of Black Superheroes which is a resource for articles, galleries, and the history of black superheroes in the world of comic books, TV, and movies.


Of course I can't forget my Asian and Native American crew, We all know the Asian community is large in the anime/comic book/fantasy world. There's an Asian American superhero comic anthology which is the first graphic novel collection of original stories from the Asian perspective. And for those that are wondering which superheroes are Asian or descended from Asian, here's a list from ComicVine and a list from wikipedia of asian superheroes. Oddly enough I haven't found a Korean superhero yet but you know I'll keep looking!


Being the first people Native American have a longer history with the earth then other cultures so you know they rocking some secret powers. On wikipedia there's a list of Native American superheroes I was excited to find a nice long list of powerful images.  I really never felt that Tonto, Lone Ranger side kick, image.

Here's also a list of Native American super hero by the comics they're featured in.

The great thing about Superheroes is that they come in ALL races. Yes people don't believe that Hollywood hype that only white folks are destined to save the world with superpowers because ALL races have superheroes and can save the world. Now go forth with knowledge and do great things.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers - Wordless Wednesday

mothers day flowers

At our local pharmacy my son shops for flowers for Mother's Day. This bunch is the plastic kind but I think he likes them.

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