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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Raising a Hip Hop Toddler

Daniel has always loved music. Maybe it's because I use to listen to music all the time when I was pregnant with him. It was winter during most my pregnancy and their was little else for me to do. Who knows, but since he was an infant I noticed that hearing music had a positive effect on him. The interesting thing is while he likes all types of music it's reggae and hip hop that really gets him moving.

I was just listening to music when Daniel started dancing. He was bopping and dipping like he was part of a hip hop crew. LOL. O gotta say he sure has rhythm. I wonder what all this music loving will develop into....

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas was the night before Christmas and time to put up the stocking

Twas was the night before xmas when we arrived at Ketty & John's home. I was excited to see their kids and hear how they decorated their xmas tree. But it was after 8pm and everyone was fast asleep. After settling into our PJ's and getting something to eat, we hung out with Ketty as she finished putting the rest of the kids presents under the tree.

When Ketty said it was time for Daniel to hang his stocking it took me a minute to understand. When we talked about spending xmas together I did explained that I don't celebrate xmas so why was she talking to me about a hanging a xmas stocking?! Seems that they brought one for Daniel. Awww.

Since her children had already hung their stocking up, it was now Daniel's turn. So we gave him the stocking and showed him what to do. In 123 he hung it up and proudly stood by it for a photo. While he didn't know what the stocking was's his first time doing the xmas thing....he knew he was putting his where the other kids put their stocking.

As I looked at his stocking hanging next to the others kids I started thinking. I thought about many things, but one of my main thoughts swirled back around childhood memories of the holidays. This weekend would help me decide if I should start celebrating xmas or start celebrating our own unique holiday traditions.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The best Christmas 2010 holiday card

Today when I picked Daniel up from daycare his teacher gave me 3 presents. 2 of the presents were books from the daycare center, a backyardagains coloring book and a read a long Thomas and Friends book. I wondered how they knew he liked Thomas and friends

first xmas cardfirst xmas card

The last present was for me from Daniel. So apparently Daniel can't keep a secret because he kept telling me it was a train. I didn't really get it at the time. I thought he wanted the mini train I usually give him to carry to and from daycare. It wasn't until I came home and opened his gift that I got it. LOL.

first xmas cardfirst xmas card

Daniel had made me a train shaped holiday card. He was so excited for me to open it. Of course he had to help get it open. Then he proudly showed it off to me. He was so proud of his card train that he wouldn't let go of it. LOL. After a few seconds of me firmly pulling on it he let me have my card. Inside he had "written" a message in crayon. While only he knows what the message says I'm sure it's along the lines of "Love you Mommy" :)

After reading his card, I thanked him for making it for me and gave him a kiss. It was the best Christmas card I ever received.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Limiting the pediatrician visits - Dear Daniel Saturday

It's Saturday! Time for a Dear Daniel letter

pedi visit

Dear Daniel

Once again we're sitting in the pediatrician office waiting to be seen. No offense but I'm not please to be soon. Just last month we had to come in for a visit for the gash on your chin, now we're here because of your irritated and swollen eye. Never mind the fall you took this week where you bruised and bloodied your lip.

Listen, while I'm grateful to have access to medical care for general health check ups and in cases of an emergency, that doesn't mean I enjoy the process to see your pediatrician. Not to mention she's going to start wondering what I'm doing to you to require frequent doctor visits. *groan*

And that's the other thing. Despite my best intentions you keep developing daredevil tendencies. Really how many times I have I told you to stop running around the apartment?! As if that's not bad enough, your need to try and climb anything including the walls coupled with your developing NOT listening to me skills, is going to really earn us some frequent visitors points at the pediatrician office and emergency room.

Again, while I'm happy to ensure your well being and take you to the emergency room to fix-up any damages, I'm asking if we can keep these visit to a minimum. We still have many years ahead of us so lets work on spacing out these doctor visits ok?

Love you always,
Your Umma

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Down to the last drop: Wordless Wednesday


I am very proud that Daniel has learned to drink the milk from the bowl after the cereal is finished. These are important life skills.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First day at daycare, for the 4th time

Today we prepared for our first day at the new daycare. Even though this will be our fourth daycare within 1 year it was still an exciting day. This daycare has a rabbit!


The morning started with me fighting with Daniel over his choice of footwear. It snowed during the night so I wasn't feeling his choice of wanting to wear his new rain boots. After a mini tantrum I gave up and let him wear them.


On the way I told him about his new daycare. There was a real live rabbit he will see and can say good morning to everyday. Also the daycare is very colorful and creative with many types of art work on the walls and all around. They even had photos of the first lady Michele Obama going threw exercises with some of the kids. My son reaction? He wasn't really impressed passed the rabbit.


I on the other hand was very hopeful that this daycare would finally be a good match for us. After checking in and setting up his cubbie, I took Daniel to class to see how he'd settle in. Being Daniel he ran into the room and started playing. Guess I don't have to worry about an adjustment period.

Before leaving I looked at the kids in the class and the class surrounding. This daycare has more Hispanic children as well as black children. I heard someone say Daniel looks like another child. I smile at this because that means he won't be one the few lighter hued children.

For the most our first day goes well. For the most part. There was that girl who asked me if my son was a girl. Umm. No. Not only did she mistake him for a girl but she also renamed him...with a girls name. I had to laugh. I was like...I just told you he's a boy and what his name is, why are you reimagining my child?! She said she didn't know. I thought they b'etter give me the correct child when I come back this afternoon. That's all I'm saying.

While I don't enjoy all the running around to get paperwork needed ever time we have to start a new daycare, I gladly do it to find a better place for my son. In truth I'm not a fan of children being in daycare before 3/4yrs. But I understand and see the need for them. I'm just tired of dealing with lack luster daycare's and their staff. I can't feel comfortable knowing my son is not being care for properly.

So until something changes and this daycare makes me or my son unhappy...we've settled into our new daycare...for the 4th time.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Taking time for us to reconnect

Today I decided I needed some time with my son. Time that wasn't just a hug and kiss in passing or a quick connection during dinner or bath time. I wanted that connection we use to have when we'd spend all day together. So today since I was off from work, I kept my son home from daycare, kept my laptop off and only used my phone on a need to need basis.

bloks playtime

These pass months I've noticed that we're not spending as much time "together". Yes we're together in the evening and on the weekends but I'm usually distracted with a blog project or exhausted from work. These days story time is barely reading one book, dinner time is split between emails and getting ready for tomorrow. It feels like our connecting moments are on a time schedule. I know I'm not giving my son full attention and it hurts.

For the most part he's a great kid who plays independently. But even he has his limits. One morning as I finished up some posts for my other blog, my son started throwing things at me. Well really he threw things at my laptop. When his shoe landed on the keyboard I knew it was my cue to take a break and give him some attention.

So today I checkout from everything and everyone to make it all about him and me. What did we do? Mostly nothing but that's the point. We watched some cartoons, played with bloks and took a walk in the neighborhood. While those things dont seem exciting, I can tell my son was excited. Any chance he got he sat in my lap and look deep into my eyes. The need to be close and connected was clear. He missed me and I confess I missed him.

As the day went on, I felt the re-bonding of the connection between us. I'm not happy that demands outside of our family circle is making me into a less attentive mother. I don't ever want us to disconnect that way again. My son needs his mother to "be" there for him as much as possible. Today, I'm glad I took time off so I can be there...for him and for us.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seeing our first black Santa Claus

Finally! We found a black Santa Claus, or rather he found us. LOL. Tonight I went to a blog event for Colgate Total/Vibe after the arranged babysitting with my mother was shot down. Once again we got into it over something trivial. So I decided to take Daniel with me to the event. Well, I'm glad I did cause Daniel met and took a photo with his first black Santa.

xmas black santa

I wasn't sure how he'd react when taking photos with this Santa. So far he's usually cry's when you put him near any big white bearded men. I have to hold him before he will calm down to take the photo. But not this time. He didn't need me as he walked over to sit on Santa's lap.

I'm not sure if it was because Santa looked brown like his mommy or because Santa let him hold the giant tooth brush. Whatever is was I was grateful that my son didn't cry and took a nice photo. Yah!

I've been looking for a black Santa since my son was born. I know Macy's in downtown Brooklyn usually have one but finding out homie's schedule is not easy. After calling around the different corporate offices the 1st year I just gave up. I thought about finding an Asian Santa but that's even more difficult if you don't know where to look. So far my Asian connections haven't given me the hookup. *shrug*

Now some might wonder what's the big deal. While I'm not a big celebrator of the holidays I do feel there is a lack of *ahem* multiculturalism with the holiday icons. I'm just saying can we have a Santa Claus for all races of children?! That's all I'm saying.

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