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Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Potty Time

After months of ignoring the signs I'm finally ready to face the potty process. Notice I said I'm ready and not my son. Daniel has been ready for a bit now. Matter of fact he's been spying on me and has learned a lot of the potty process. He knows after you seat on it, you get toilet paper, throw it in the toilet and pull the little handle. Great fun!

Now I didn't directly teach him this, nor do I know when he figured it all out. The way I found out he knew the system was after seeing him sneak into the bathroom, tear off toilet tissue, drop it in, close the toilet lid and flush. He was so proud he got to do everything before mommy "caught" him.

And so that brings me to my activity for today...getting him a potty so we can "officially" start the process. While we've had test runs sitting on the big toilet I think it would be easier for him...and me...if he had his own potty and can go when he wanted to.

Now someone should've have warned me that potty shopping isn't as easy as it sounds. You'd think you'd just go into a store and choose between a boy or girl potty. Done deal right? Huh. Was back in my day but certain not in these modern days

As I walk into the potty section I noticed the potties now come with "options", special features and come in styles. I stood there debating if I wanted a potty attachment for the big toilet or if it's better to get a child's potty? Do I need one with a special lip for boys so there's no outside splashes? Do I want a potty with a plain design or a special animal/character look?

I got such a headache trying to figure it all out. Honestly, I became over whelmed about picking a potty. I couldn't figure out what he'd want or need to make this process easier...for both of us. After a bit I decided I needed to do more research and then try to tackle this potty buying on another day.

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