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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating All Women for Mothers Day

This mothers day was a quiet one for us. We're not feeling so well so we decided to stay home and rest. Some might feel I'm missing out on the Mother's Day activities but for me I've already done enough things leading up today. One of the best things I did was once again helping ring the opening bell at NASDAQ in Times Square to officially usher in Mother's Day.

True I did is last year also but it was such a different experience. Last year I was excited to ring the bell as a mom blogger but that was just in one dimension. As I stood there I just representing myself. Plus at the time I was in favor with alot of people. But this year as some might know, I've had some drama and fell from grace with some people.

Honestly, when I saw the invite I was a bit surprised to be asked. Ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ is a very visible action. The bell ringing ceremony is broadcasting outside on the building but also televised and photographed. So this year as I stood there I thought about what my image meant to anyone seeing me.

Yes my image gave presence to the black mothers, to the mother's of a biracial child, to the single mother, etc. But it also gave an image to women who stand to make a difference...sometimes alone... for what they personally believe in.

To me being a mother is not just about having a child. Many women are "mother" figures or have taken on a "motherly" role for others. So many women have been "mothers" to me and I hope I have "mothered" younger women. As the camera's flashed and we clapped and cheered, I hoped any women, young or old, who saw me would be inspired to follow her calling and listen to her heart. As anyone can see, doing so has given me amazing life experiences. Happy Mother's Day to all Women!