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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morning Tantrums

What a full morning of tantrums. As we get closer to 2 yrs seems my son is having more meltdowns. This is a frustrating because I can't tell what sets him off. Matter of fact, I dont think he knows what sets him off either. This morning was a perfect example. The meltdown moment came while brushing my teeth.

Baby TantrumsNow usually I do my morning rountine first while he decides if he wants to wake up on time or not. LOL. But today he decided he wanted to brush his teeth first. This was a problem since I was in the middle of brushing my teeth. I asked him to wait a sec. No good. Imediate crying fit.

So I get his tooth brush, add a drop of tooth paste and give it to him. No good. Now he doesnt want it. As he stands wailing his anger and refusing the toothbrush...I stand there dumbstruck. Did I mention I'm still not finished brushing my own teeth?

What follows is 40 minutes of me trying to calm him down but not suceeding. Eventually I decide to just let him cry it out. I've noticed that sometimes he gets into this crying zone and nothing can be done till he's ready to stop. So I continue with my morning rountine of breakfast, getting dressed, etc while he follows me around crying.

I felt for my neightbors who had to hear a crying child early in the morning. Im sure they wondered what was going on because while he cried, rolled around on the floor amd threw his toys... I said not one word. Im not really interested in feeding into trantrums anyway. I rather ignore the behavior and wait till he's calmier.

Eventually he stop being upset and started looking around for his breakfast. He then ate nicely and we continued with our morning. I figured everything was fine. Then we got to daycare.

Apparently my son was still a bit mad at me cause when it came time to say goodbye...he refuse to. No kiss, no wave, nothing. Hmm. I guess the other children felt bad for me because they all said by to me on his behalf. They call waved and said byeeeeeee. I think one even said bye daniel's moms. LOL. Ah life with a 2yr is going to be...interesting.

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~Y says:
at: April 7, 2010 at 1:49 PM said...

lol - as i read this post, i felt like i was looking into a crystal ball of my future with chase!!!! he has already semi-begun with the meltdowns/tantrumming.... but its only when he is tired (ie, that half hour before nap-time or bed-time)

however, unlike you, im not good at "ignoring." i'm more of a yeller, which i know only feeds into it! lol. i hope one day to evolve to that calm, peaceful place of quiet acceptance that you're at!

gotta love those terrible twos! lmao!

Rana says:
at: April 8, 2010 at 9:24 AM said...

Oh I have been there. I'm like you I just let them ride out the tantrum until they calm down and realize no one is watching them.

As they get older you start to find out what sets them off. Mine are 7 years old now. Usually it's because they are tired or hungry. It does eventually stop. Hang in there Mama.

at: April 8, 2010 at 8:32 PM said...

omg..can't believe u let him cry(and that to following you around the house) for 40 minutes straight...when i babysit my baby cousin and she starts crying, i can't bear it..i end up shouting at her or pretend i'm leaving the house(she stops then)...40 minutes of a child crying would prolly kill daniel...something must be troubling him..wish baby language actually existed and u could learn it...would be interesting to find out why a child is crying or upset.

NYC Single Mom says:
at: April 9, 2010 at 1:10 PM said...

my friend, my friend, the beginning of what I like to call irrational moments that have no rhyme or reason. Its good you dont feed into his temper tantrums, I am still trying NOT to Engage.

Nicole says:
at: April 10, 2010 at 3:57 PM said...

Man, this sounds ALL too familiar. Aneksi is a natural born drama queen, so turning two just made it worse! Just a few nights ago, she was screaming that she wanted her tinker bell blanket. I put it on her, but didn't cover her fully...sweet baby jesus! did home girl loose it!

I'm a yeller too. I need to stop. WEe're both emotional, so it doesn't help. I just told her to "hush" and I left! She cried for quit a bit, but she eventually got over it!

I have hundreds of these type of stories! Welcome to the wonderful world of the "terrible two's"! I'll be sure to send you a nice bottle of wine!