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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Would Become Genghis Khan

So it's Valentines Day now. Many couples are getting their gifts ready and making last minute plans. I am doing neither of those. Don't feel sad for me. It's by choice that I'm still single this Valentine's. While I did set my self up for a date by placing dating ads and joining a few dating sites...I have yet to follow up on either.

Let me be honest here...Im not an easy women to date or woo. A man has to be strong within himself to stand by my side. I've been at this dating process a LONG time in between husbands #1 and #2. I know what I want AS a women. I also know what some men IN a women.

Now that I've become a mother, potential dates are screen through my "mommy" microscope. While I'm willing to easy up in some areas, in others area I'm hardier to impress. The happiness of my son is foremost. So finding husband #3 is going to take some work.

What really am I looking for? I've watched and listened as other women expound on who mister right is for them. A lot of it is based on being rescued by love or having undying love that follows them. Mister right comes INTO their lives and everything changes. Hmm.

Recently I watched the Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan movie. As I watched it I started thinking that's the KIND of man I seek. No not specifically an man of Mongolian decent or even an Asian man to be more specific. It's NOT about a man's race, it's IS about a man's spirit. I want a man who will change the world for love.

In the movie, the driving force behind the man who would become the powerful Genghis the love of his wife and his children. The most powerful scene happens in the simplest way...
Temüjin: "I have names for the sons you will bear me"
Börte: "Do you know the Mongols"

Then she goes on to tell him all the bad things the Mongol tribes have been doing since he was sold into slavery...his reply?
Temüjin: *after thinking for a while* I know what to do with the Mongols.

Then he rides away...mind you he was just reunited with his family. Yet wanting to make the world a better place for them moves him to act. In that acting he became powerful.

Now how many men asking me for a date has potential to be moved in that way? Some might say I'm asking too much. But I am already in the process of trying to change the world based on love for my son. I realized that the act of loving someone isn't just about having them come into my life. After your in my life and have become part of it...then what?!

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The Redhead Riter says:
at: February 14, 2010 at 1:39 PM said...

I know there is so much more to this posting to comment on, but I love the fuzzy hats! Every time I have ever seen them I always love them! My daughter thinks I'm crazy LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!
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