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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Caught Between a Mommy Rock and Hard Place

After a change of plans, I wondered how I could spend the rest of my day. I was already outside and the day was so beautiful and warm. Daniel was enjoying it and looked so cute in his fisherman hat. A true shame to return home now.

So I thought...since we're already in downtown brooklyn,  we should go hangout on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. That would be a great way to destress, try to tan Daniel and of course get a photo.

On the way I stopped in a neighborhood store for some Arizona refreshment.  I grab my drink and head up to the counter to pay. Ironically it's a Korean owned store with a older Korean women at the counter. As I'm paying the women starts talking to Daniel.  Then she starts a convo with me

Korean counter lady: What's the name

Me: Daniel

Korean counter lady:  Oh, it's a boy

Me: *frown*  yes he's a boy

Korean counter lady: Oh so cute.

Me:  Thank you. Say Annyeong Haseyo Daniel  *paying and getting ready to leave*

Korean counter lady: Oh he's Japanese

Me: *blink, blink*  No he's korean...well really Korean and Black  *pointing to Daniel and then myself*

Korean counter lady: *stares at me* Uh huh

As I left the store I laughed at the thought of the Korean counter lady telling her family about the black women who came into the store with a Japanese child trying to say first he was HER baby and then he was black AND korean.

As we rolled onto the promenade I saw a mixed group of women with children.  One group of mothers with their kids. The other group of babysitters with their kids. Where would I sit? Who can I be friendly with? Honestly I stood there for a few seconds cause I was struck with the option and what it might led to.  

If I sit with the moms will they wonder why a baby sitter is in the mommy section? Will I have to explain in detail with DNA diagrams how genetics work and YES he really is my baby? Hmm

If I sit with the babysitters will they shun me after learning I am not part of the "lets complain about our bosses" club? Will I need to convince them that I'm not a spy and I'm just a regular person like them? Hmm

As I stood there looking at them, they sat there looking me waiting for me to choose an alliance. Hmm.  I'm wasn't up to dealing with the social politics today so I made my way to an empty bench away from both groups.  There I enjoyed the sun, the smell of the sea and Daniels warm baby kisses.  What a great end to the day.


Lashun says:
at: April 3, 2009 at 11:35 AM said...

Yeah I'm like that sometimes.And Frankly,I enjoy it.I don't bother sitting with other mother unless they invite me over.I am happy you enjoyed your day :)

NYCity Mama says:
at: April 5, 2009 at 6:38 PM said...

I will confess, I usually sit with the nannies if I sit near anyone at the park, because most of the time, they are friendlier than the other mommies at the park. I tried making friends with mommies in my neighborhood and they are god awful, well except the Latina mommies...they are very nice...yeah, poor me, boo hoo, I know...and yeah, then I listen to all the bad parenting!! I swear to you, it's really as stereotypical as it sounds. lol!!

at: April 23, 2009 at 10:06 AM said...

Haha that sounds like a funny adventure.