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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Babbling Tower of Babel

This morning Daniel woke up with alot to say. Seems his dreams was very exciting and he felt I needed to know all about his adventures. LOL. As I listened to him babble away I thought about how far his babbling has come since those first coos and ahhs. Even from a few months ago his babbling is very different.

Yesterday, my sister and brother were bugging me about when he's going to talk. I was like...What? He's already talking. Can't you hear?

Seems they can't. I guess since I'm the one listening to him 24 hours a day I'm the only one to notice the difference in his babbling.  Daniel can whisper secrets, yell when he's annoyed or ask a question all in babble. He's also very fluent in body language like reaching when he wants something, raising his arms to be picked up or throwing his body back and down when he's mad.  I'm not a fan of that move but it's very clear what he thinking. It's weird to me that others can't figure it out.

Recently Daniel was asking my sister about something.  He kept repeating the same phrase over and over again and looking at her.  I could see the confusion and growing frustration on his face. He must have thought to himself...why isn't she getting it.  I'm speaking clearly! LOL

But between me and you I find the words not as exciting as the sounds he makes. No one blogs about the pre-word sounds which is a shame cause their so interesting.  

Daniel has gone thru so many interesting versions on the Mama and Dada norm.  He's currently on his Ba stage...not baba..just plain Ba.  He also does something I affectionally refer to as fish talking.  It's like making fish lips with a soft pa pa sound.  I have a vid of him doing it I need to upload to YouTube.  Then there's the Mmmmm. He has about 5 different types of Mmm's each meaning something different.

Many people think babies communicate when they finally say their first words. But all parents know babies have been communicating since birth or even while in the womb. I sorta got the feeling of what Daniel liked or didn't like when I was pregnant and alot has remained the same.  So to me he has always been "talking" even without the first official words.


Quiskaeya says:
at: April 1, 2009 at 8:54 AM said...

Oh they definitely know how to get their point across. Right now my lil guy will call me and if I don't answer he'll call me louder and louder until he gets my attention. Then he'll babble something off and expect a response. Mama's safe response is always "Such a good boy! Wow!"

Of course he could be cursing me in babble and here I am telling him he's a good boy. Oh well....