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Sunday, November 20, 2011

VIP Treatment for Happy Feet 2 & Breaking Dawn Movie

It's been a while since I took Daniel to the movies. Since Happy Feet 2 released this weekend I decided it was time we went. I texted my sister, who works at a movie theater in our area, and told her we're coming. Of course she was happy to let Daniel in to the movies. Since I was a tag along she had to let me in also. LOL

at the moviehappy feet 2 3D

After meeting up with her, she walked Daniel over to get his tickets and 3D glasses. Then she wanted Daniel's cup so he can get free juice refills. I tell you this kid has it so good. She wanted to give him popcorn also but I'm over protective and don't let Daniel have movie popcorn. We settled on a pretzel instead. We gave my sister a quick thank you for the free tickets and then we settled in for Happy Feet 2.
happy feet 2

At this point I should mention that I saw the first Happy Feet movie with Daniel's dad 4 years ago. Can you imagine the irony I felt sitting there watching the continuation of a movie where the couple now has a family storyline? Specifically about a father conflict with his son?

Some parts made me sad, while some parts made me laugh. Gosh that Spanish penguin is a riot. I wont tell you to much about the movie in case you haven't see it yet but it's very touching. Especially when Erik finally realizes how wonderful his father is *sniff, sniff*

twilight breaking dawn

For the most part Daniel enjoyed the movie but did start to get restless towards the end. Which was fine since I snuck us over to the next theater to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I didn't expect him to watch the movie but oddly he did. For some reason he only like the parts with the "doggies". LOL. . During the non doggies parts, he tried to dance in the isles or ask me if the movie is finish...very loudly. Clearly he's on Team Jacob like his mom.

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