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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help Movie & The Non-Open Race Conversation

Since opening day there's been tons of chatter about The Help Movie. To be honest, I have very limited chatter to add since I missed the advance screening I was invited to via Disney. While I do plan on seeing the movie at some point, I have to be honest and admit I'm not sure how much commentary I will have to add to the black and white debate.

The Help Movie

Yes, yes it's about black maids and how they were treated, etc, etc. Yes, yes it's about white women using their privilege power to do something, etc etc. Yes, yes, it's about how we can come together and bridge the gap of race to forms bonds of hope and..... and what?

Now again I haven't officially seen the movie so I'm in the dark so to speak. But I have been reading the different reviews of the movie. Some of them favor the movie but many of them don't. Many people have issues with the movie claiming we're still not that far from black women in servitude to white families. Some even say the movie has Whitewashed Black History.

Other's like my friend Niri, who's of East Indian decent via the African continent, feels white people should have a voice in the racial conversation. Even if their telling the black American story.

Matter of fact I read one white women flash back to the help her family had while she was growing up. Help that continued to be "help" to her and her family for years. I will hold my comment on the kind of help that somehow never ends

While all of that makes for some interesting reading, I really still wonder when the race discussion will move past white and black. Like really we're STILL making movies about this racial combination? We're still have the same ole black and white debates? Really?!

Not for nothing but Asian, Latinos, Native Americans, and any other race you can remember beyond black, have been in servitude to white families for years along with black women. Heck many of them are still in servitude. Check any nanny agency or house cleaner advertisement and see who's filling the positions. Where are the movies about them?

I just don't think we can have a real and true conversation about "race" that will lead to lasting change when we're still only highlighting black and white while excluding the other races. What do you think?