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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping it "Brown" in the Family

A few weeks ago a twitter friend Kemi Ingram mentioned she'll be in NYC and it would be nice to meet in person. Well really she said it would be nice to meet my adorable son but I'm going to pretend she meant me also :) We decided to meet in Harlem since she was visiting the area for Harlem week. Since I was on a deadline for a mom blogger project and couldn't go far for long, it was a perfect plan

asian and black crush

After some hide and seek moments of trying to find each other in the crowds we met up by the Apollo theater. As we're doing the introductions something interesting happens. Kemi has 3 kids, 2 toddler daughters and 1 infant son. One of her daughters is close to Daniel age so we thought they'd hit it off. As I try to introduce him to this adorable little girl, my son ignores my attempt and walks over to the other daughter. As he stands next to her he reaches out and takes her hand. Huh.

So I turn to Kemi and jokingly say, seems my son likes older women. We then laugh it off and continue our visit.

brown family

As we tag along with Kemi and her family, I notice that Daniel is always close to Kemi's first daughter. Where she goes, he goes, At first I just figured it's cause their kids. I'm trying to NOT read into it. But the more I watch them the more I can't help reading into it. I think he was smitten with her.

For the most part she's nice to him but clearly considers him lil like her sister. My son still continues to make dove eyes at her. LOL. At one point I told Kemi we need to talk arrange marriage if this continues. Then we joked about how many goats I need to give in exchange for her daughter and how they LOVE Korean food and culture. LAMO

So lets me say something out loud here. I've noticed a certain thing about my son and I've been thinking about for a while. Lets just put it out there. My son likes black females. More then that he seems to really like dark skinned black females.

While both Kemi's daughters came in wonderful shades of brown hue, it's her eldest daughter that's just a bit more dark chocolate while her younger sister was mid toned coffee. I going to confess I think my son chose the eldest because of her skin-tone....

I'm not sure what's the cause or how long this prefer will last. Maybe this all will change when he gets older. Maybe it wont. I personally can't think of him dating yet but all of this of course now has me wondering. Will he keep it brown in the family?

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at: August 12, 2011 at 12:28 PM said...

It's probably because his mom is dark skinned. ^_^

Bicultural Mama says:
at: August 12, 2011 at 3:58 PM said...

I love that he just went up to her and took her hand. What a charming little guy! And only time will tell what his preference will be. I wonder what my DD's preference will be, too.

Yakini says:
at: August 12, 2011 at 8:43 PM said...

Boys end up marrying their mother (meaning, a woman similar to her, in appearance and/or personality), so I'm pretty sure that's what will happen in this case too. ;-)

So cute!!!! That's a great picture of ya'all. Do you know i never even got to enjoy any of the Harlem Week festivities? Too busy. A darn shame! Lol