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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My "Is that Your Child" Podcast Interview

If you've been a reader of this blog from the start you know the "Is that your child" question was something I had to deal with constantly after my son was born. Everyone and their cousin felt the need to ask. As a dark skin black mother with a light skin child I was always asked to prove how we were connected.

But I'm not the only black mother who had to deal with this issue. Michelle McCrary, who also had to answer this question, decided to tackle this issue by starting a website titled "Is that your child" and holding podcasts to speak with other parents around this exact same question. Recently I was interviewed for one of her podcasts

We discussed a wide range of points including the particulars of being a mom of color to a blasian baby, why Black women should be educated about considering Asian men as potential marriage partners and how dealing with controversy in the mom blogging world forced me to change where and how I personally blog.

I'm excited about this website and the conversations it will highlight. I hope you listen to all the other podcasts interviews along with mine. I strongly feel it's important for us to support other black women who are stepping up to direct the conversations about raising biracial children.

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