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Monday, November 29, 2010

Should we start celebrating the holidays?

Can you believe the xmas trees are being brought out already? I was surprised when I saw them being sold in my neighborhood tonight. As we walked by my son was very curious about the trees. While he knows what tress look like, seeing them decorated with lights was new to him.

xmas tree

As we walked by, my son decided to stop and sight see. The lady selling the tress told me that I could give him a fallen branch from one of the trees being piled in the corner. Since the branches smelled good I took one and gave Daniel to sniff. Being a city kid when will he get a chance to smell a natural pine tree?! As I took a branch for my son I started thinking....

Should I get a tree? More to the point should I start a tradition for the holiday? While I personally don't celebrate Christmas or most of the other holiday what about him?

I've been dealing with the holiday issue since Halloween. Having to explain to his daycare why I didn't want him doing certain holiday related activities with his class wasn't fun. I'm sure they think I'm crazy and forcing him to miss out. So now the big major holiday is here...what to do?

In truth it's not really about Christmas. It's more about building our own traditions and bonding as a family. I know children enjoy having holiday childhood memories and I would like for my son to have some. But how can I do this as Buddhist mom? It's an interesting situation.

While I didn't get the tree, I did take a photo of him next to one. It will have to be enough for now. Meanwhile I'll keep thinking on the larger "should we celebrate holidays" issue and see what I come up with. Wonder what other families do....

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