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Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Boys and Accidents

As my son grows apparently so will his accidents. Try as I might I can't prevent him from having no accidents, so I try to prepare myself and cope as best I can when they do happen. Still the latest round of boo boo's has me wondering what is it with little boys and accidents?

Tonight's boo boo is a big one since it's on my son's head. As usual he was trying to climb on things he shouldn't. As I once again ask him not to climb in a certain area, he slides off and connects with a wall corner. As he walks over to me wailing I start the panicked mother inspection process. I'm looking for the sign that will immediately launch me into heading into the emergency.

Oddly enough, while there is a small gash on the side of my son's head, there's no bleeding, swelling, or disorientation. Matter of fact he's stop crying and is trying to escape my grasp so he could go play. When I finally release him, I immediately text me sister the EMT to find out what to do.

That crazy girl tells me to take a photo and send it to her. *groan* I can just see the scene of her being at a hospital, asking a doctor for their opinion, and then all the medical staff standing around her discussing my photo.

After sending her the photo I then had to go thru 20 questions. Is he this, is he doing that, what about this. Gosh, she's as bad as the doctors office. After unofficially clearing him she tells me to observe him for weird behavior. *sigh*

Just think...this is just the beginning. As he grows, like many young boys, he's going to try all sorts of crazy stunts. Of course this will mean more accidents and in some cases some bad ones. I wonder if there's a support group for Mother's of a little boys who gets boo boo's. There should be!

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