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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Shout-Out on YouTube

A few days ago I was contacted by Naomi on YouTube. Usually when people find one of my videos they'll send me a msg. The msgs are usually from another mother with a blasian child or from a blasian person. Of course they all want to say how adorable Daniel is. LOL. But this note from Naomi was a bit different since she wanted to make a shoutout video for both me and Daniel.

I wasn't sure what would be in Naomi's shoutout video but after watching them I was stunned. Naomi doesnt know this but just by making that simple video she has done an amazing thing. Through that video she will spread awareness to others about
  • Black women who date Asian men,
  • Families with biracial children or family members who have biracial children
  • Racial tolerance and acceptance
Watching Naomi's shoutout video brought me to tears. I never know how the things I do and blog about touches others. Sometimes I wonder if anyone outside my community even really cares. As I heard Naomi make comment's about blog posts I've written, product reviews I've done and how wonderful is was to see a mother documenting moments in a child life...I am encouraged to keep doing what I do. Thank you Naomi!

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at: January 31, 2010 at 12:37 AM said...

Hey Nikki, i have to agree with Naomi, you really are a supermom. It's amazing how dedicated you are as a mom to Daniel despite being the sole parent and having to work at the same time.I too enjoy reading your blog and watching videos of cutie pie Daniel.
Like Naomi said, SOLDIER ON..know that you have many people(beside your own family and friends) who support you...e.g. your rock!!!!

honeysmoke says:
at: February 1, 2010 at 12:23 PM said...

sure, when you blog you share your life, you validate others' thoughts. keep on doing what you're doing.

KellieS says:
at: February 2, 2010 at 10:04 PM said...


I came across your blog and was glued to your letter to your son. I am dealing with a 20 month old reaching in my shirt as well. She is a sweetheart, but I'll tell you what, she needs to cut down a little in the nursing department. I'm definitely an attachment oriented mom so it's hard to say no. Anyway, just found your letter relatable.

Be well,