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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrating National Friendship Week 2009

What is a friend? A friend can be different things to different people. For me a friend is someone who shares a common goal or vision with you. When contacted me about spreading the word about National Friendship Week, which this year is Aug 2nd - Aug 9th, and offered to send a friend flowers in celebration...I had the righ person in mind. I wanted to send yellow roses, the traditional flowers which symbolizes joy, happiness and appropriately, deep my friend Renee.

{ Pending photo from Renee, she promised to send one}

You probably wondering who the heck is this Renee? Well, Renee is as close to an online best friend as I can get. She's the owner of the Blasian forum , main master mind behind The Sweet Rice Chronicles, the blogger of Sardonic Sistah Says. She just also happens to be another black women married to an asian man...not that it matters since I knew her before him. LOL

Oddly, I've never seen Renee in real life but somehow it doesn't matter. Before I got married, during my marriage and divorce and then throughout my pregnancy, Renee has been just an email away. She's seen me thru many stages of personal and creative growth. She has been the victim of my ranting emails about all sorts of complaints, new ideas and projects, and views on black/mixed race issues. She's also been the victim of my "need to know" habit. I've asked her tons of personal intimate questions about her life, family and anything else I'm curious about. Through it all she's been supportive, open and understanding. After putting up with me all these years I'd say she's earned those flowers. LOL

Do know knows someone who has been a great friend to you? It can be either at the right moment or for many years. If you do and want to send a perfect gift to show your friend you care then has a great selection of products to choose from, PLUS use the promotional code FRIENDSHIP for 15% off through August 15 on items like these..

{Big thank you to and MWW Group for their generous offer.}