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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Secret and Mysterious Asian Santa

So this is Daniel's first Xmas and I tried to capture the important memories of the season. Top on my list was the xmas photo. Now as usual I had to add a twist to the normal Santa xmas photo by wanting an Asian Santa. I just felt it would be nice to have Daniel take a photo with an Santa that looked a bit like him.

Needless to say the search for this race of Santa became a case for the CIA. I couldn't find one in the usual places for nothing. I asked around every place and everyone I knew but no one had heard of an Asian Santa before. Shucks even the Asian people were looking for an Asian Santa

Where was this guy? On vacation? In a screet location only knowen to Asians? Was he working on the Asian timetable of xmas time? Did dude not get the memo that he's needed this year? Or is the lack of an Asian Santa about something else...

You see it's only recently that I've even seen a black Santa and homie only works in certain broughs anyway. For the most part people associated Santa with a big n jolly white guy. This makes sense since it's a European character in orgin. Add to that most cultures do not celebrate the xmas idea. Thus the lack of more ethnic Santa.

But still...I'm in the darn United States...heck I'm in New York City for crying out loud. There is no excuse for the lack of ethic Santas in a place filled with so many different cultures. Why couldn't I find a Asian Santa...even in Chinatown?!

But again, I'm fightning against what most people consider to be the norm...Santa is white...except in certain parts of brooklyn. Next year I'm going to hire my own group of ethic Santas to take photos with Daniel. I refuse to accept the "white Santa norm" another year.


Mama Seoul says:
at: May 4, 2009 at 6:53 PM said...

I am living in Korea and my son was invited to a birthday party where the parents requested a gift for the orphanage instead of their daughter. The PX (store on the US Army base) only has black and white dolls so I went off-post to buy an Asian baby doll. I could not find one! In Korea! Being pregnant and having a toddler as well, I didn't search all over Seoul, but still, you'd think it would be easier to find.