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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Race and Politics : How far have we come?

Today is a great day...Daniel and I get to vote. It's truth that Daniel is still too young to vote but being a US citizen, he will be able to one day so best to learn the process now. Not to mention I wanted him to share in the support of voting for our first biracial? minority? black?  presidential candidate. Yeah man.

So we get to the school, sign up and get ready to cast our ballot. While waiting at the booth this older women comes up to me and starts touching Daniel. Well I know he's cute but she didn't even ask if she could. I was annoyed but grin and bared it. I'm in the middle of making history so no time for being annoyed...until she had the nerve to ask me the famous question I've gotten since he was that your baby?


I said yes he is...then she said, 'I don't believe you, he's not your baby."  What? What! This strange women is touching my baby and telling me he's not mine. I immediately took her hand away from Daniel and said...well if you don't believe me then don't touch my child. I guess she thought I was joking cause she kept trying to touch him again and I kept blocking her. We stood there doing the touch and block in front the voting booth in front of a room full of people.

Eventually it was our turn to vote and I escaped into the booth but I was struck with this we are as a nation trying to elect a bi-racial president but most of us are still not racial aware or open. I would think having all that mixed race dialogue and info swirling around would open some people's minds. I guess making the leap from a white women having a bi-racial child to a black women having a bi-racial child is still a bit much for some people. No matter...Daniel and I have already taken part in history.