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Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas was the night before Christmas and time to put up the stocking

Twas was the night before xmas when we arrived at Ketty & John's home. I was excited to see their kids and hear how they decorated their xmas tree. But it was after 8pm and everyone was fast asleep. After settling into our PJ's and getting something to eat, we hung out with Ketty as she finished putting the rest of the kids presents under the tree.

When Ketty said it was time for Daniel to hang his stocking it took me a minute to understand. When we talked about spending xmas together I did explained that I don't celebrate xmas so why was she talking to me about a hanging a xmas stocking?! Seems that they brought one for Daniel. Awww.

Since her children had already hung their stocking up, it was now Daniel's turn. So we gave him the stocking and showed him what to do. In 123 he hung it up and proudly stood by it for a photo. While he didn't know what the stocking was's his first time doing the xmas thing....he knew he was putting his where the other kids put their stocking.

As I looked at his stocking hanging next to the others kids I started thinking. I thought about many things, but one of my main thoughts swirled back around childhood memories of the holidays. This weekend would help me decide if I should start celebrating xmas or start celebrating our own unique holiday traditions.

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Yakini says:
at: December 31, 2010 at 1:57 PM said...

What a sweet picture of Daniel standing next to his stocking. Priceless memories!