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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daredevil in Training - Dear Daniel Saturday

It's Saturday! Time for a Dear Daniel letter

Dear Daniel

I'm not sure when it came into your little head that you could be a mini daredevil. I certainly didn't mention it to you or encourge any daredevil like actions. Yet there you are trying to test the limits of your balance and strengh. I should also mention your testing the limits of my nerves. I'm starting to be a nervous wreck!

As I stand watching you, I see your moments of plotting to do a mini daredevil trick. I see you eyeing the top of the bigger slide wondering how to get up there. I see you eyeing the bigger swings wondering if you can make a dash towards it before I catch you.

As you make these decesion to climb down, up and all around the big areas, your determined to do it alone. No help from mommy is needed. I'm amazed at you and your actions...and your inistance, in the form of wiggling and running away, that I leave you alone.

What are you thinking about when you take that step off the edge? I hold my breath for the fall and crying...but they dont come. You take the step, hang there for a few seconds and then you're down. Even after a stumble, fall or scrape you're right back trying to perfect your system of tricks. With each sucessful daredevil action you proudly smile and clap to yourself.

In support, I clap and smile also at your success. But I also hold back a few tears at yet another system of actions taking you futher away from being my baby and closer to being an independant little boy.

Love you always,
Your Umma

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Yakini says:
at: May 30, 2010 at 8:55 PM said...

They really do think they're invincible, don't they? It's scary, yet so endearing/cute!

Nikki @ Mommy Factor says:
at: June 1, 2010 at 10:51 AM said...

Cute? No way! :) When your son starts to jump off the slides it's so not cute :p