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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Are Not a Rarity

Today we made our usual trip to the laundromat. While waiting for the clothes to wash I followed Daniel as he walked around. As we walked past a black women asked "what is he mixed with"? I thought...that's a new spin on the "is that your baby"? question.


As I looked at her cooing at my son I could tell she was just curious. Besides, she also had a baby boy in a stroller. From his curly hair I suspected he might be biracial. So I told her my son is half korean. She replied "I knew he was half asian, my daughter is half Filipino". Once again I was found by another black mother with a blasian child

Being found by mothers with blasian children is happening to me more and more. Usually they find me online through facebook or the blog. I'm always amazed and proud when that happens. For so long I've been the one doing the stalking of other mothers. Now it's time for me to be stalked. LOL.

But even as I meet other mothers I still deal with people thinking my community is a "rarity". When I talk about my community to other people they have a hard time seeing it. I think some people think I talk and write about race as a hobby instead of a real life experience. A few times I've seen comments on my blogs where people say a black women with a half asian child is so "rare, special or unique". Hmm. I don't agree with all of that. Neither my son or I are some sort of mutated species of humanity. I doubt people realize what they're saying or what labeling us "rare" implies.

I recently wrote a blog about how people should take the red pill (hat tip to the Matrix movie) so they can SEE the blasian community because we're not some secret sect. Blasian are everywhere and Im sure part of many people's family tree. Not to mention at the rate that asians and blacks are making blasian babies we're a growing force in the population. It's exciting to see! After chatting with this other mother of a blasian child I came home encouraged. We both prove that blasian families are far from being a rarity.

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