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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sesame Street Elmo DVD Highlights Blasian Family

So to celebrate their 40th anniversary I rented Sesame Street: Elmo Loves You! DVD from my local library. As you know Daniel is a fan of Elmo and I love Daniel so it's a perfect pick. LOL. So we're sitting and watching when a segment comes out that floors me

It starts with a woman and child sleeping. Then the child wakes up and starts to draw pictures on the fogged up window. She then wakes up the woman who also draws on the window. The scene ends with a drawing of women and child holding hands drawn on the window while they cuddle. Just regular Sesame Street family stuff right? Except this family is a Asian women with a black daughter!

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! I rewind and watched that segment a bunch of time checking for clues about them as a family. Now I might be jumping the gun here but I didn't see anything that implied the woman was a babysitter or something along those lines. If anything the tenderness she shows the little girl only supports my idea that their family. Not only are they interracial family but it could be implied it's a single parent family. I know, I know, I'm reaching there but it's not a bad thing to see a family that reflects mine. I so love Sesame Street =)