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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Little Mover at Huggies Live Auction for KaBoom

Seems Daniel really impressed some people with his playing skills at our last KaBoom event. We were invited by Huggies to attend a live auction to celebrate the launch of Huggies Little Mover Diapers and to raise money for the organization KaBOOM!

At the kick off event, celebrity mom Angie Harmon would hosted a live auction. The auction featured the Big Movers Shoes – designed for parents on the chase – which were signed by Angie and other celebrities. As Angie signed the shoes the kids would play in the Huggies Little Movers Adventure Zone.

The morning of the event Daniel and I, along with other parents invited, had a meet and greet with Angie Harmon. We all sat down with Angie and each took turns sharing a little about ourselves and our blogs. Angie and I had an interesting convo about me being a mom of a blasian child. She was super sweet and really tried to connect with all the kids and their parents.

After the meet and greet, we took a short break and then it was off to the live auction in Madison Square Park. Once there I went to drop Daniel off in the Little Movers Adventure Zone. On my way there this women starting gushing over Daniel. I could tell she really wanted to hold him so I let her...and took a photo of them in case she tried to run off with him. LOL

When we arrived at the Adventure Zone Daniel of course was ready to go. He excitedly explored the mock mountains, ski slopes, bridges and ball pit. He even took some time out to flirt with one of the moms by the ball pit. I tried my best to keep up with him but he just kept going and going and going.

Even though he played with all the areas in the adventure zone I suspected the mock mountains was his favorite. He spent a lot of time crawling in and out the tunnels.LOL

But we soon had to break from playing to catch the action at the live auction. We watched as Angie signed the shoes and opened the auction for bidding. The bidding started off with a bang and went really fast. Before you know it winners were declared and shoes were being given to auction winners. I was vastly amused that one of the winners was an Asian mom. I made sure to take a photo of that!

After the auction it was time to say bye to the other parents and kids. Daniel sadly was tired from having such a long and active day and started to meltdown. A quick round of nursing ...yup I nursed him publicly in the park but I covered with a blanket…calmed him enough for us to pack up and head home.

Even though the live auction in Madison Square Park has ended, there is still more auctions going on for other Big Movers Shoes signed by other celebrity parents like Tori Spelling, Jenny McCarthy, Chris O'Donnell , LL Cool J, Peter Facinelli and so many more. Check out HuggiesBigMovers auctions on eBay to bid and get yourself a pair.