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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Conclusion of the Dol Janji Search

So after all the back and forth with Paula in Korea, the running around in Korean supermarkets and stores, the hours of online research plus bugging all my friends for any info about these items....I have finally decided to give up.  

While it was fun to go shopping and surf online for info, ultimately I was repeatedly coming to semi-dead ends.  No matter how hopefully a lead was,  I still couldn't find the actual items here in the USA.  How is that possible anyway?  I looked everywhere and asked everyone I could think of...still nothing.  I can not understand why the Dol Janji are not found in one of the NYC korean towns.  I mean I know those korean parents do something for their kids 1st birthday!

So in the end I came back to the same choice I started with...I could pay the $50 dollar shipping to have Paula ship what she found to me...something she kept trying to talk me out of...or I could just find some items myself and do a homemade tol ceremony, like all my asian friends suggested.  As I think about it, this seems the way to go...I can still honor Daniel's korean heritage plus save some money.  Which is a very good thing since I have so little of it these days. 


at: August 15, 2009 at 7:58 PM said...

This is a site that sells a lot of dol related items as well as other Korean and Enlish products.